Habitat Restoration Underway in Portland Harbor

This summer habitat restoration efforts are underway on the southern tip of Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon. Alder Creek is the first habitat restoration project that will be implemented specifically to benefit fish and wildlife affected by contamination in the Portland Harbor Superfund site. The project will provide habitat for salmon, lamprey, mink, bald eagle, osprey, and other native fish and wildlife living in the area.

Willamette Week: Portland's Siltronic Corp. Ranks at the Top for Oregon Toxic Releases into Waterways

As reported by Willamette Week:

A new report on the dumping of toxic wastes into American rivers names the two biggest dischargers into Oregon waters, Portland’s Siltronic Corp. and the Georgia-Pacific mill in Toledo.

Heavy rain causes sewer overflow to the Willamette River

This notice was posted by Portland BES, although it is not dated, it appears to have been posted on Monday June 16.

Heavy rain causes sewer overflow to the Willamette River
CSO Advisory

Presentations for June 11 CAG meeting

On the agenda for June 11 will be:

River geology: Kim Anderson, Geologist, OSU

Stormwater and Source control discussion:

City of Portland outfall project and Municipal Stormwater Report. Linda Scheffler, City of Portland - See presentation attached here(note, file is compressed from original PowerPoint, so some features may be lost).

Source control overview and source control summary report.
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Alex Liverman - See presentation at this link (note the file size is 20MB.)

Notes for May 14, 2014 CAG Meeting

Update: Attached is the slide presentation from Tucker Jones presented at the meeting.

This meeting will include a presentation about Sturgeon in the Willamette River.

Notes by Jackie Calder, Vice-Chair

Sturgeon and the Portland Harbor Superfund

Why Discuss Sturgeon?

Recently the representatives from the EPA reminded PHCAG members that the Remedial Investigation for the Portland Harbor Superfund was still in Draft status and was being changed by the Lower Willamette Group from directives from the EPA until finalized.

Bill's Story

Attached is Bill's Story, by Bill Egan

Connecting with the River

Veils of fog move slowly over the wall of cottonwoods to where the industrial clearings begin, and the river comes into view. In the early morning overcast the water’s surface is dull pearl gray.

Time to Restore not Destroy

Read this commentary at:

The river needs to be cleaned up, to stop the ongoing damage to ecological health, and efforts must be made to restore lost habitat for fish and other wildlife. We should also do this in a way that does not further destroy existing habitat.

Willamette Week: Muddy Waters

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