19 Days on the Willamette by Bill Egan

In 2007 while a PHCAG member, I organized and took part in a fish collection of smallmouth bass for the LWG.  Five members of the Oregon Bass and Panfish Club participated along with contractors from Interval International.

Passive Sampling Devices in Risk Models

This article was published July 7, 2011.  This is only the abstract- the full article can be downloaded at the bottom of the page or by clicking here.

Duwamish: EPA Seeks Public Comment on Sediment Cleanup Options for Boeing Plant 2

From EPA's Website:


Release date: 03/30/2011

Contact Information: Mark MacIntyre, EPA-Seattle, 206-553-7302


New York Times Report: 500,000 violations of Clean Water Act in past 5 years

The New York Times has compiled a comprehensive collection of data on facilities permitted under the Clean Water Act, violations of the law, and enforcement actions.  The data shows that enforcement is often lax, but Oregon fairs better than many other states.

The most common violators in Oregon, under the Clean Water Act, are municipal waste water treatment plants, including Portland's facility on Columbia Boulevard.

You can browse the data at


Portland Harbor! How clean is clean enough?

As the Portland Harbor cleanup process moves forward, and the LWG and EPA wrestle through the RI/FS we must discuss what level of clean we want for our Harbor.
Do we wish to see more McCormick & Baxter type of sites, or do we step up and look for alternative treatment technologies to give a cleaner river?
And HEY, what about that upland source control?

The forgotten ships

An interesting story in the Portland Tribune about the war time history of ship building in the Portland area.  See

Low levels of BPA raise breast cancer risk in rat offspring.

Jenkins, S, N Raghuraman, I Eltoum, M Carpenter, J Russo and C Lamartiniere. 2009. Oral exposure to bisphenol A increases dimethylbenzanthracene- induced mammary cancer in rats. Environmental Health Perspectives doi:10.1289/ehp.11751.

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