CAG Meeting with Update from EPA

The January 10th meeting of the Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group will feature an update from the EPA and will be held at the St. Johns Community Center.

New Webpage for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site: With the new year coming, EPA has a new webpage for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site ( Please bear with us as we continue to reorganize our website and organize our documents. Please update your links to this new webpage because the old webpage will no longer function.

Polluters in driver's seat for Superfund cleanup plan

Reported by Steve Law in The Portland Tribune 11/8/2017

The Trump administration has put industrial polluters in the driver's seat in the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup project, and the EPA is in final talks with four of them to spearhead a pivotal study gauging the current health of the Willamette River.



Baseline Study
Learn about the Baseline Study used to create current data and information on which to base Remedial Design of construction of the remediation for Portland Harbor.

June 27, 2017 6:00—7:30


Central Library, 801 SW 10th Ave
Between Yamhill and Taylor
Portland, OR 97205

Smart Park
730 SW 10th Ave
Between Alder & Morrison
Blue or Yellow Max or Bus 75 or 8

June 14th CAG Meeting Presentation by Paul Fuglevand on best dredging practices.

The June 14th meeting of the Portland Harbor CAG will feature a presentation by Paul Fuglevand on best dredging practices learned from the Hudson River cleanup.

- Paul has worked on the Hudson PCB sediment cleanup and has experience that includes best and safest practices for removing PCBs in sediments, including lessons learned from the Hudson River project.

Paul Fuglevand, PE
Senior Principal Engineer

Opportunity for Potentially Responsible Parties to Join Phase 2 of Trustee Council's NRDA Process Closing October 31, 2017

The Portland Harbor Natural Resource Trustee Council (Trustee Council) coordinates damage assessment and restoration planning activities at Portland Harbor through the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) process. The NRDA process is separate from the EPA clean-up activities. The Trustee Council is currently in Phase 2 of that NRDA process, the goal of which is to reach settlements with cooperating potentially responsible parties based on readily available information.

Portland Harbor Record of Decision Review of Community Concerns

At the request of the Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group, an independent technical advisor has conducted a review of the ROD as to it's responsiveness to concerns that were raised in community comments submitted to EPA.

This review will be presented at the CAG meeting on Wednesday, May 10th. 6:00pm, City of Portland Water Pollution Control Lab conference room, 6543 N Burlington Ave, Portland, OR 97203.

That review is attached here in both English and Spannish.

Portland Tribune: City and state seek to seize Superfund initiative

As reported by Steve Law in The Portland Tribune 2/16/17

The city of Portland and state of Oregon are seizing the initiative to jump-start the $1 billion Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup, while the Environmental Protection Agency is distracted — or even paralyzed — by a leadership vacuum, threatened staff cuts and a president set on weakening regulations.

March 8, 2017 Presentation on the Portland Harbor Record of Decision

March 8, 2017 Presentation on the Portland Harbor Record of Decision
At the CAG meeting on March 8th, the EPA will be presenting the Record of Decision, and how plans will move forward with cleanup of the Willamette River.
See the calendar (upper left of this site) for additional informational sessions.

ROD Update

My View: Public pressure led to better harbor plan

Published by Portland Tribune 1/26/2017

Advocates for the cleanup of the Willamette River's Portland Harbor superfund site are celebrating victory after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a plan that nearly doubles the amount of harmful toxic waste set for removal from the depths of the river.

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