Upland/Source Control


Upland Source Control


EPA has delegated authority over the cleanup of upland areas to ODEQ.  Since the beginning of the cleanup process, DEQ has identified and has either completed or is currently remediating 95 sites.


DEQ has presented to the CAG on various issues related to Upland Sites and Source Control.


June 2011:       Part 1: Kinder Morgan Source Control Update by Michael Romero

                       Part 2: Upland Source Control Update by Jim Anderson 

April 2011:        Former Mar-Com Site- South Parcel, by Michael Romero (DEQ)

January 2010:   Part 1: The State's Role in Cleaning Up The Willamette River, Upland Sites &  

                       Source Control, by Jim Anderson (DEQ)

                       Part 2: Stormwater Source Control Measures, by Matt McClincy (DEQ)

January 2009:   Portland Harbor Source Control, by Jim Anderson (DEQ)

May 2008:        Portland Harbor Source Control, by Jim Anderson (DEQ)


ODEQ has identified various areas as High Priority Sites because of their known potential for recontamination of the river.  To learn more about these sites, such as historical information, contaminants found onsite, and what measures are underway or pending click the links on the list below.  Upland Sites administered by ODEQ and identified as High Priority sites include:




Doane Lake (Rhone-Poulenc)




Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminals (Linnton)

Mar-Com South Parcel

Oregon Steel Mills- Rivergate

Premier Edible Oils

Schnitzer Burgard Industrial Park

Schnitzer Steel

Wacker Siltronic, Corp. (NW Natural Gas)

Willbridge Terminal (Multiple PRPs)


ODEQ has implemented interim source control measures at 11 of 15 High Priority sites.  For a complete map provided by ODEQ with links to technical summaries of the various upland clean up sites, click here.


Upriver Source Control

This area includes the downtown area from the end of Portland Harbor to Ross Island.  Several sites in this stretch of the river are contributing to the contamination of the river, however, levels of contamination in this stretch are much lower.  In fact, the river stretch from Ross Island to the Oregon City Falls has relatively no hazardous contamination, and sampling from this area is used for background levels to determine contamination levels in the Portland Harbor.  Some areas of concern in the downtown reach include:


NWN's Portland Manufactured Gas Plant Site

Rexel Taylor

PGE Sediment Cleanup

DEQ began studying the area from Ross Island to Willamette Park in 2008 with such entities as with the City of Portland and several other partners, including Portland General Electric, the ZRZ Realty Co. (Zidell), PacifiCorp, and TriMet. To read more about upriver contamination and to find links about this topic, click here.


Sediment Sampling Fact sheet: http://www.deq.state.or.us/lq/cu/nwr/willametteriver.htm