What's Happening Next?

The last ten years of the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup process has mostly been dedicated to determining the magnitude and scope of the contamination in the river and on land. 


If this is your first foray into the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup issue, you have picked an exciting time to become interested.  Many important decisions will be happening in the upcoming months.


Over the summer, the PRPs (LWG) have been working on the Feasibility Study for EPA review.  The document is now due on March 30, 2012.  Basically, this document will analyze what options are available to cleanup the contamination and how much they will cost.  Ultimately, it is up to EPA to decide the cleanup remedy.  This will be done in a document called a Record of Decision.  This document will be subject to public notice and comment period, as well as judicial review after the comment period.  Get involved with the CAG today and provide input on the cleanup process.