Triangle Park

Triangle Park is a 35 acre parcel surrounded by The University of Portland, Waud Bluff, McCormick & Baxter (Creosting company subject to prior Superfund cleanup), and the Willamette River.
Earliest Uses:
1990s:  The site was owned by various companies in the 1990s and operations on site included, "wood Products manufacturing and storage; shipbuilding and other marine operations; power generation; cooperage storage; chemical and soap manufacturing; scrap salvage storage; and concrete production.  In the 1990s, several structures on the site were used for office, equipment, and materials storage for a hazardous waste remediation and emergency response contractor." (AMEC Geomatrix, Data Gaps Investigation Report, 2010. p.1-2).
Since the late 1990s, the site has been vacant and the subject of various studies to determine the level of contamination. 
In 2008, UP entered into a Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser Agreement, which means that if UP completes all cleanup required by EPA under the agreement, they will not be responsible for any past contamination not covered under the agreement that is later found.
In July 2010 UP submitted a Data Gap Investigation to EPA.  This report was designed "to fill the existing subsurface data gaps as necessary to initiate the Economic Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA).  Additional sampling and analyses of soil and groundwater conducted were required to more precisely document the constituents of concern (COC) in soils and to evaluate impacts to groundwater at the site."  (Data Gaps Investigation, p.3). 
The study broke the site into various study areas and sampled soil on the surface and at different depths to determine if levels of COCs present exceeded risk levels and therefore required cleanup analysis.

The COCs found in the study were primarily:

benzopyrene (PAH)
benzoanthracine (PAH)
Results from the Data Gap Investigation and earlier studies will be used to develop an EE/CA in 2010 for various cleanup options of the chemicals mentioned above.
Stay tuned for future updates on the cleanup work and major decisions about Triangle Park.
For more information on this site contact:
Mark Ader (, Project Manager, 206-553-1849