Portland Tribune Article: Old Mill Goes Wild Thanks to Polluters

On the southern tip of Sauvie Island, an old farm and sawmill property is being handed back to nature.

This spring, demolition crews tore down the 1960s-era Alder Creek Mill, and excavators are removing fill dirt piled onto the site for 85 years, to recast the land for salmon, lamprey, mink, eagles and osprey.

At 52 acres, it’s the first major habitat restoration project since a polluted 11-mile stretch of the Willamette River was designated a Portland Harbor Superfund site in 2000. Now, in another first here, a private company called Wildlands Inc. will try to coax some 100 polluters to pay for habitat restoration.

While the Portland Harbor Superfund project sputters into its 15th year with little environmental cleanup to its credit — despite more than $105 million spent so far — a parallel process seems to be making more headway.

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