Portland Harbor Upland Source Control Summary Report

from: http://www.deq.state.or.us/lq/cu/nwr/portlandharbor/report.html

On Nov. 21, 2014, DEQ submitted the Portland Harbor Upland Source Control Summary Report to EPA and partners. The report concludes that current and planned cleanup of properties around the Portland Harbor Superfund Site will be sufficient for EPA to effectively implement the in-water remedy without delay.

The report provides information on the status of source control and potential for recontamination for EPA’s consideration in developing the Proposed Plan for Remedial Action, which is anticipated in 2016. The report also will help the public understand how contamination is controlled on properties near the river so they are better able to comment on EPA’s Proposed Plan for river cleanup.

DEQ looks forward to input and discussions with EPA and partners related to the report’s findings and the agency’s continued source control efforts for this very important project. DEQ will continue to work with upland properties until all necessary controls are in place and demonstrated to be effective. We anticipate updating the report as progress continues on controls at sites between now and the time of EPA’s Record of Decision selecting in-water cleanup methods.

In Spring 2015, DEQ plans to launch an outreach program on DEQ’s Portland Harbor source control work. The outreach program includes a multimedia presentation, with video illustrations of examples where cleanup has been successfully completed, and discussions that will help river users and the general public better understand DEQ’s report and the cleanup work completed. The outreach presentation and videos will be posted on this webpage.