EPA: After 16 Years, Get Ready To Comment On Portland Harbor Cleanup

OPB EarthFix Story by Cassandra Profita

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is planning to release its proposed Portland Harbor Superfund Site cleanup plan early next month.

The plan, 16 years in the making, will include the agency’s preferred option for cleaning up a 10-mile stretch of the Willamette River that’s highly contaminated from more than a century of industrial use. The EPA has spent years investigating the site and developing a range of options for reducing contamination to an “acceptable” level.

Cami Grandinetti, a project manager for the EPA, said a lot of information about what’s at the site is already available, including levels of contamination and human health and environmental risks.

So, she said, you can start reading all about it — right now.

“This has been a long process with a lot of investigation and analysis,” Grandinetti said. “There is a tremendous amount information out there that will take some time for people to wade through. We’re really stressing that people should start now.”

Grandinetti said people can find out online where the contamination is, who is at risk, what the different cleanup options are and how people might be affected.

“With that information in hand, they’ll be in a much better position in April to evaluate and provide EPA with comment on the proposed cleanup,” she said.

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