EPA: Proposed Plan to take 3 weeks longer to release

The EPA notified interested parties that it will take another 3 weeks to prepare the Proposed Plan for Portland Harbor Superfund Cleanup.

"To meet legal obligations under Superfund, we must modify the timeline for delivering the Portland Harbor Superfund Site Proposed Plan. It is now clear that it will take about another three weeks to meet those requirements. As soon as we can, we will let you know the revised issue date, which we anticipate will be about three weeks later than planned.

We recognize this change is challenging for people and organizations that are waiting to review and provide comments on the agency’s proposal. It is very challenging for us as well, and we are moving as fast as we can.

Prior to issuing the Proposed Plan, EPA is legally required to prepare an extensive Administrative Record and make it electronically available. This Record is required in order to give the public access to all of the background information they need when reviewing and commenting on the Proposed Plan.

This will be the largest Administrative Record the Superfund program has prepared nationally for posting to the web. EPA is experiencing unforeseen challenges with the database and technology to complete this task.

The Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup is a very big, long-term project. There are many moving parts and many details that need to be covered. We need a few more weeks to finish up on those details. EPA does still plan a 60-day public comment period and issuance of the Record of Decision this year."

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