Learn, review and COMMENT on the EPA's Proposed Plan BEFORE September 6, 5pm.

1. Learn:
Click here to view the EPA Fact Sheet and summary of the Proposed Plan (8 pages, 1MB), or click here to download the full PDF version of the EPA's Portland Harbor Proposed Plan (151 pages, 23MB). Additional information and details can be found at the links on this site and at http://go.usa.gov/3Wf2B

2. Review:
The Plan is currently being reviewed by multiple organizations and individuals. As we have more material available, we will post that here. Click here to see an initial list of concerns raised by Dr. Peter deFur, technical consultant working with the Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group and Willamette Riverkeepers.

3. Comment:
You may use this form below (courtesy of http://www.cleanupportlandharbor.org/) to submit your own comment to EPA. Write your own comments in your own words highlighting what you feel are the most important points to raise. Be specific when you can.

The deadline for Public Comments is September 6.

Dear Ms. McCarthy,

The proposed cleanup of Portland Harbor is a big win for industry and a bad deal for the public. EPA’s cleanup proposal tackles just 8% of a site area that is 100% toxic. A more aggressive plan is needed to prevent even more harm to human health and the environment. On behalf of all people who rely on the river for food, recreation, employment and culture, I urge the EPA to implement a plan that:

  • Moves quickly and sustainably reduces contaminants causing harm to Willamette and Columbia river resources
  • Includes ongoing monitoring and cleanup upriver and downriver from the site
  • Contributes to healthy fish that are safe to eat for all people
  • Holds polluters accountable for creating a safer Portland Harbor
  • These elements get us closer to the plan our communities deserve.

    And I deserve a clean, safe Portland Harbor.