KOIN 6: Fears of Willamette waste response coming to boil

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Portland Business Journal: Know your river: A float through Portland's toxic 10-mile stretch (Photos)

Posted at: http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/blog/2014/05/know-your-river-a-float...

by Cathy Cheney, Staff Photographer, Portland Business Journal

In working on a story about the Portland Harbor Superfund, I was fortunate to hitch a ride down the river with one of the city's foremost river experts.

Travis Williams, who's head of the Willamette Riverkeeper group, has been following the Superfund issue for more than 14 years.

Notes for May 14, 2014 CAG Meeting

Update: Attached is the slide presentation from Tucker Jones presented at the meeting.

This meeting will include a presentation about Sturgeon in the Willamette River.

Notes by Jackie Calder, Vice-Chair

Sturgeon and the Portland Harbor Superfund

Why Discuss Sturgeon?

Recently the representatives from the EPA reminded PHCAG members that the Remedial Investigation for the Portland Harbor Superfund was still in Draft status and was being changed by the Lower Willamette Group from directives from the EPA until finalized.

April 2014 Meeting Power Point - Gasco & Siltronic Sites Source Control Overview and Status

Attached below is the slideshow that was presented by Rob Burkhart and Dana Bayuk of DEQ at the April 2014 CAG meeting.

Portland Tribune: City's message on Superfund payment muddied by expectations

Read the full story at: http://portlandtribune.com/pt/9-news/215746-75245-citys-message-on-super...

Bureau of Environmental Services ratepayers have been paying for nearly all the city’s spending on the Superfund cleanup for 13 years. During that time, it has not been spelled out what role the sewer system played in fouling the Willamette River bottom, and whether ratepayers would get some or all of that money back.

Portland Business Journal: Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup faces new delays

Read the story at http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/blog/2014/04/portland-harbor-superfu...

The Environmental Protection Agency said earlier this year it now anticipates completing the proposed cleanup plan in 2015.

Those familiar with Superfund projects say the delay could push the timeline for a final Environmental Protection Agency “record of decision” out to at least 2016 or later until the actual clean-up can begin.

Bill's Story

Attached is Bill's Story, by Bill Egan

Seeking Stories about the WILLAMETTE RIVER

for the Willamette Speaks: Oral History project
Do you know of current or past residents who have stories about the river between Kelley Pt. Park & the Broadway Bridge?

• fishing
• swimming
• working
• viewing wildlife
• observing
• or other?

contact us
• call 503-724-9901 or 503-954-3142
• email barbaraqnn718@gmail.com

Connecting with the River

Veils of fog move slowly over the wall of cottonwoods to where the industrial clearings begin, and the river comes into view. In the early morning overcast the water’s surface is dull pearl gray.

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