Portland Business Journal: Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup faces new delays

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The Environmental Protection Agency said earlier this year it now anticipates completing the proposed cleanup plan in 2015.

Those familiar with Superfund projects say the delay could push the timeline for a final Environmental Protection Agency “record of decision” out to at least 2016 or later until the actual clean-up can begin.

Bill's Story

Attached is Bill's Story, by Bill Egan

Seeking Stories about the WILLAMETTE RIVER

for the Willamette Speaks: Oral History project
Do you know of current or past residents who have stories about the river between Kelley Pt. Park & the Broadway Bridge?

• fishing
• swimming
• working
• viewing wildlife
• observing
• or other?

contact us
• call 503-724-9901 or 503-954-3142
• email barbaraqnn718@gmail.com

Connecting with the River

Veils of fog move slowly over the wall of cottonwoods to where the industrial clearings begin, and the river comes into view. In the early morning overcast the water’s surface is dull pearl gray.

EPA suspends demand for payment of penalty assessed to Lower Willamette Group

In April of this year the EPA assessed a penalty against the Lower Willamette Group (LWG) in relation to a dispute over the Baseline Human Health Risk Assessment. September 30th EPA issued a decision to suspend demand for payment of the penalty. The decision to suspend the demand for payment of the penalty was made in reflection of an improved working relationship between the EPA and LWG, with the suspension of the penalty based on LWG's "good faith" efforts.

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Advisory in effect through Wednesday

September 30, 2013

For more information contact Linc Mann, 503-823-5328
City recommends caution for Willamette River use

Weekend rainstorms caused Portland’s combined sewer system to overflow to the Willamette River. There were combined sewer overflows (CSOs) Saturday evening from outfall pipes on Swan Island just off N Port Center Way and at the foot of SE Alder Street just north of the Morrison Bridge. There was also a CSO Sunday night from an outfall pipe on the west side of the Willamette at the Burnside Bridge.

Time to Restore not Destroy

Read this commentary at: http://www.jimrobison.org/node/7

The river needs to be cleaned up, to stop the ongoing damage to ecological health, and efforts must be made to restore lost habitat for fish and other wildlife. We should also do this in a way that does not further destroy existing habitat.

Willamette Week: Muddy Waters

Pamplin Media: Superfund cleanup nearing pivotal stage

For full story see: http://portlandtribune.com/sl/158976-superfund-cleanup-nearing-pivotal-s...

Written by Jennifer Anderson

No option ideal for mitigating toxic risk on Willamette

Travis Williams stands in front of a razor-wire fence on the east bank of the Willamette River in North Portland, a vestige of the industrial wasteland the site used to be. “Do you smell that? You can still smell the creosote,” Williams says, describing it as a mix of gasoline and motor oil, something you might catch a whiff of at a railroad track.

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