Willametter Riverkeeper Letter to EPA Regarding Oregon Congressional Delegation Letter to EPA

February 2, 2012


Administrator Lisa Jackson
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20460-3300


Re: Willamette River - Portland Harbor Superfund Cleanup Dear Administrator Jackson:


Portland Harbor Partnership Survey Challenge


On the Waterfront Series Announcement with CAG-PHP Co-Presentation on March 21

Thanks to Dave Harvey of CAG for providing information for this event.

Join the Oregon Historical Society and the CAG for an On the Waterfront Series presentation on March 21, 2012


River City Confidential:

The Willamette River’s Pollution Story Revealed

DEQ Downtown Willamette River Sediment Investigation Finds Pollutants Don’t Pose Recontamination Threat to Portland Harbor

News Release

For release: Feb. 1, 2012

Marcia Danab, Communications and Outreach, Portland, 503-229-6488
Jennifer Sutter, Cleanup Program, Portland, 503-229-6148

City Releases Willamette River Recreation Strategy

Fish Kill at Terminal 4

CDF issues aside, Terminal 4 is again in the news for a reported fish kill of approximately 300 panfish, including pumpkinseed and crappie.  The cause of death is unclear and by the time the fish were discovered no autopsies could be performed.


To read Scott Learn's article in the Oregonian about the incident, click here.

Oregon Department of State Lands Rulemaking Notice

DSLs proposed rulemaking will create regulations regarding the sale, lease, or use of state land for the purposes of remediation and restoration.  The rules will address issues such as how to value the land and what prices are appropriate for sale, lease, or use.  Submerged land below the mean high water mark is held in trust for the people by the state under the Public Trust Doctrine.  Therefore, the rulemaking must protect public trust uses such as fishing, navigation, recreation, and commerce.  The rules adopted must also ensure that t

PHCAG Update November by Jackie Calder

Please download the pdf attadhed below or by clicking here.

Update: Feasibility Study Deadline Extended Until March 2012

EPA has granted another extension for the submittal of the Feasibility Study (FS) to Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs).  The document is now due on March 30, 2012.  The deadline was previously slated for June, 2011, and then again for November, 15 2011; however, both deadlines were extended to incorporate more information into the FS.  This time around, EPA decided to extend the deadline to allow LWG to incorporate a broader range of alternatives and Remedial Action Levels (RALs) into the FS so that the document wou

19 Days on the Willamette by Bill Egan

In 2007 while a PHCAG member, I organized and took part in a fish collection of smallmouth bass for the LWG.  Five members of the Oregon Bass and Panfish Club participated along with contractors from Interval International.
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