Alternative Technology Screening

LWG and EPA screened various alternative technologies to be included in or excluded from the Feasibility Study based on effectiveness and implementability-- two factors used when selecting a long term clean up remedy.  Table 2 (download) summarizes what alternative technologies will be included or excluded.  Table 3 (

Innovative Technologies

A hot topic among CAG members is the extent to which EPA and PRPs must consider the use of innovative technologies when selecting a long term cleanup strategy.

Portland Harbor Partnership Formed

A new group of seven organizations has been formed to enhance public outreach about the Superfund Site.  They have created a short questionnaire/survey to get a better sense of community awareness.


The Portland Harbor Partners include the Port of Portland, the Oregon Division of State Lands, Calbag Metals, Evraz Portland, Gunderson LLC, NW Natural, Schnitzer Steel, and Vigor Industrial. The PHP is working in cooperation with Portland State University Hatfield School of Government and Oregon State University Extension Service.


Oregonian Article About Senators and Representatives Touring Superfund Site

The Oregonian's Janie Har provided a brief summary of a Superfund site tour taken by the Oregon delegation.  On the tour were Senators Wyden and Merkley and Representatives Schrader and Blumenauer.  The focus of the article is about the length of time the process has taken and the amount of money it is costing.  The delegation wants action to finish cleanup of the Harbor as soon as possible, but apparently 2020 is not out of the question.

Confined Disposal Facilities (CDF)

A hot topic in the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup these days is Confined Disposal Facilities (CDFs).  PRPs have proposed CDFs as both early actions (Terminal 4, Arkema»

Oregonian Article About Confined Disposal Facilities (CDF)

The Oregonian's Scott Learn released an article about issues surrounding the placement of confined disposal facilities (CDFs) at Terminal 4, Swan Island, and Arkema after attending last month's CAG meeting on the subject.  The article reflects many of the issues that the CAG, EPA, and LWG have been dealing with over the last few years.

CAG Event Day 2011- Pictures and Thanks

Thanks to all who participated, volunteered, and attended the event.  We estimated that around 200 people showed up throughout the day.  Check the "Image galleries" section of the website to see pictures taken by Robin Plance, Vice-Chair of the CAG.

CAG Field Day: Saturday, July 9th, 2011 (Cathedral Park)

Come Join the CAG on Saturday, July 9th, 2011 from 12:00-3:00 p.m. at Cathedral Park under the St. John's Bridge for a day of family fun and information related to the Superfund site.

May 11, 2011 CAG Meeting

Join the CAG on May 11th to discuss the upcoming release of LWG's Revised Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) as well as other topics to be determined.  Please come and ask any questions you may have about the cleanup process.  The meeting will be held 6 PM to 8 PM at the BES Water Lab: 6543 North Burlington, under the St. Johns Bridge. 

LWG to Release Series of Documents in Upcoming Months

At the April 13, 2011 CAG meeting, LWG representative, Jim McKenna, laid out a schedule for release of pertinent CERCLA dcouments within the next few months. 
On May 2, submitted its revised Final Human Health Risk Assessment to EPA for review.  For links to earlier versions as well as comments and responses, click here.  Check for updates on upcoming presentations on this topic.

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