New York Times Report: 500,000 violations of Clean Water Act in past 5 years

The New York Times has compiled a comprehensive collection of data on facilities permitted under the Clean Water Act, violations of the law, and enforcement actions.  The data shows that enforcement is often lax, but Oregon fairs better than many other states.

The most common violators in Oregon, under the Clean Water Act, are municipal waste water treatment plants, including Portland's facility on Columbia Boulevard.

You can browse the data at


Oregonian report: Contamination still high at Northwest Natural's Portland harbor site, EPA says

The Oregonian's Scott Learn reported on Sean Sheldrake's memo regarding the EPA agreement with NW Natural and Siltronic for cleanup of the Gasco site.
"For one key carcinogen, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the river pollution is the highest measured in the Superfund site and up to 100 times above guidelines for river sediment, Sheldrake's memo says."
"The new cleanup work likely will include sediment dredging and disposal -- the most expensive option -- and run five to 10 times the scale of the 2005 work, Sheldrake said."

EPA,NW Natural and Siltronic agree to Portland Harbor work

Head Start on Engineering Work Will Help Speed Gasco and Siltronic Site Cleanup
EPA, NW Natural and Siltronic Ink an Agreement for Portland Harbor Work

Contact:                Sean Sheldrake 206-553-1220

Ann Beier to head the new Office of Healthy Working Rivers

Commissioner Amanda Fritz announced that she's hired Ann Beier to head the new Office of Healthy Working Rivers.

See The Oregonian report at

Daily Journal of Commerce: Willamette River development risks rise

An article about the Portland Harbor, including this report:
"The DEQ is working to provide better information about future environmental degradation. Scott Manzano of DEQ’s Water Quality Division said the agency plans to use OSU’s new method as part of a pilot program starting in October. There will be retesting of the river near the McCormick and Baxter Superfund site.

Portland Harbor! How clean is clean enough?

As the Portland Harbor cleanup process moves forward, and the LWG and EPA wrestle through the RI/FS we must discuss what level of clean we want for our Harbor.
Do we wish to see more McCormick & Baxter type of sites, or do we step up and look for alternative treatment technologies to give a cleaner river?
And HEY, what about that upland source control?

Portland has new plan for Portland Harbor section of Willamette River

by The Oregonian
Monday June 29, 2009, 10:45 AM

Portland has a new plan for the future of the Willamette River north of the Broadway Bridge that tries to balance environmental and economic needs along a stretch that includes heavily polluted Portland Harbor.

Yakama tribe pulls out of cleanup council

As reported by AP - Also The Oregonian reports additional details.

The forgotten ships

An interesting story in the Portland Tribune about the war time history of ship building in the Portland area.  See

May Meeting Location Change

The Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group meeting is Wednesday, May 13, 2009 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.    

Please note the location change:  The May meeting will be held at the Oregon DEQ NW Region Office, located at 2020 SW 4th Avenue.   The meeting room is located on the 4th floor in Conference Room A/B.  

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