Portland Harbor! How clean is clean enough?

As the Portland Harbor cleanup process moves forward, and the LWG and EPA wrestle through the RI/FS we must discuss what level of clean we want for our Harbor.
Do we wish to see more McCormick & Baxter type of sites, or do we step up and look for alternative treatment technologies to give a cleaner river?
And HEY, what about that upland source control?

Portland has new plan for Portland Harbor section of Willamette River

by The Oregonian
Monday June 29, 2009, 10:45 AM

Portland has a new plan for the future of the Willamette River north of the Broadway Bridge that tries to balance environmental and economic needs along a stretch that includes heavily polluted Portland Harbor.

Yakama tribe pulls out of cleanup council

As reported by AP - Also The Oregonian reports additional details.

The forgotten ships

An interesting story in the Portland Tribune about the war time history of ship building in the Portland area.  See http://www.portlandtribune.com/news/story.php?story_id=124406121209594300

May Meeting Location Change

The Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group meeting is Wednesday, May 13, 2009 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.    

Please note the location change:  The May meeting will be held at the Oregon DEQ NW Region Office, located at 2020 SW 4th Avenue.   The meeting room is located on the 4th floor in Conference Room A/B.  

Lawsuit Aimed At Prompting More Participation In Portland Harbor Superfund Site

On April 23rd ten public agencies and businesses involved in the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup filed suit naming sixty plus additional companies to share responsibility for the costs of the superfund investigation and cleanup.  This suit is directed at those companies that are not already participating in sharing the costs, in order to prod them to participate in a negotiated agreement for cost sharing.
Copied below is the Press Release from the plaintiffs regarding this lawsuit.

Schnitzer Steel agrees to upgrade stormwater system

See Oregonian article at http://www.oregonlive.com/environment/index.ssf/2009/04/schnitzer_steel_...

In response to a Notice of Intent to Sue detailing violations of the Clean Water Act from the Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC) Schnitzer Steel has agreed to spend $1.6 million on upgrading the storm water runoff system at their N. Burgard Rd. facility.

DEQ Sets April 14 Meeting about proposed Containment System for Contaminated Groundwater at Arkema, Inc. site

News Release
For release: March 31, 2009
Matt McClincy, Portland Harbor Section, Portland, (503) 229-5538
Marcia Danab, Communications & Outreach, Portland, (503) 229-6488

DEQ targets one of Portland harbor's dirtiest spots

Click here for DEQ's Request for Comments regarding the construction of the containment system can be found.
Other documents regarding the Arkema site can be found at the EPA Arkema page.
An article from The Oregonian regarding the Arkema site clean up.

Low levels of BPA raise breast cancer risk in rat offspring.

Jenkins, S, N Raghuraman, I Eltoum, M Carpenter, J Russo and C Lamartiniere. 2009. Oral exposure to bisphenol A increases dimethylbenzanthracene- induced mammary cancer in rats. Environmental Health Perspectives doi:10.1289/ehp.11751.

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