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Portland Harbor Community Café

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Occupy St. Johns worked with staff from the EPA to create a community discussion about the Portland Harbor Superfund Cleanup, and what people hope to see as a result of the cleanup.
Discussion was illustrated as the meeting progressed, to gather comments and turn the discussion into a visual representation.

July 8 presentation from Lower Willamette Group

At the July 8th Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group meeting, representatives of the Lower Willamette Group are presenting a summary of their conceptual approach for the site cleanup.

Attached to this post is the slide show for the presentation.

Upcoming events

Portland Harbor CAG invites you to participate in two upcoming special events:

Portland Harbor Community Café
Thursday, July 16, 2015
5:30 p.m. Open House & Community Pot Luck :::: 6:30 p.m.– 8:30 p.m. Community Café
Purpose: Connect with others with shared values for Portland Harbor. Network and share your experience and information with others who live, work, and play along the Willamette River. Discuss thoughts and ideas for cleanup of Portland Harbor.
Bring your favorite pot luck dish to share with others.

Willamette River Revival
Sunday, August 2, 2015

DEQ Video of Upland Source Control sites and work

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has produced a 40 minute video providing background and updates regarding source control work along Portland Harbor. Watch the video here, or for more information visit the DEQ Portland Harbor web page.

Steve Duin: Schrader curtly shreds the EPA

Comments from Congressman Kurt Schrader, with followup comments by Travis Williams and Bob Sallinger, in a piece by Steve Duin.

Adds Williams, "I don't think Congressman Schrader's knowledge of the issue is all that deep. And it's reflected in how he's talking about the issue."

Portland Business Journal: Portland's Superfund efforts show signs of life

Read this full report at:

by Wendy Culverwell

• Portland Harbor is largely isolated from Combined Sewer Overflows or CSO, which result when rainfall overwhelms sewage systems and flows directly into rivers. There are hundreds of outfalls in Portland Harbor but most operate under stormwater permits.

Portland Harbor - Dispute Decision on Background (Remedial Investigation (RI) Section 7)

Rick Albright, Director of the Office of Environmental Cleanup for EPA Region 10, has issued his decision on a dispute raised by the Lower Willamette Group regarding the background level determination at Portland Harbor. The decision is attached below.

In summary, Albright upheld the EPA determination of background levels.

"This letter sets forth my determination with respect to the Lower Willamette Group's August 26, 2014,
request for dispute resolution regarding EPA's August 12, 2014, decision that certain outlier sample

March 2015 CAG Presentation

The March CAG meeting featured a presentation by Sean Sheldrake of EPA about capping technology, and a report from Scott Manzano of Oregon DEQ about the McCormick and Baxter site capping and long-term performance monitoring.

The presentation from Scott Manzano is attached.

Status of Willamette Cove Cleanup

Status of the Willamette Cove Cleanup – February 2015

More information is posted at the DEQ website for Willamette Cove.

The DEQ is working with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Port of Portland, Metro, and others to ensure that ongoing assessment and cleanup efforts at Willamette Cove meet Oregon’s standards established to protect human health and the environment.

Willamette Cove

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