The Willamette Speaks Storytelling: Stories of the Lower Willamette River

You are invited to the first Willamette Speaks Storytelling event sponsored by PHCAG & Metro Central funding. We hope to reconnect citizens with the river through community members' experiences.
We will also offer updates, info and opportunities for community feedback on superfund through a PHCAG table between 6pm and 9pm.

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Saturday AUG 23 - 6:30-8:30pm

BES Water Lab, 6543 N. Burlington, Portland Oregon

Native American History of the Willamette told by the Grand Ronde tribe

Willamette Week: Portland's Siltronic Corp. Ranks at the Top for Oregon Toxic Releases into Waterways

As reported by Willamette Week:

A new report on the dumping of toxic wastes into American rivers names the two biggest dischargers into Oregon waters, Portland’s Siltronic Corp. and the Georgia-Pacific mill in Toledo.

Heavy rain causes sewer overflow to the Willamette River

This notice was posted by Portland BES, although it is not dated, it appears to have been posted on Monday June 16.

Heavy rain causes sewer overflow to the Willamette River
CSO Advisory

PCBs near OMSI may be capped for safety

Reported by Steve Law in the Portland Tribune

State environmental regulators are scrutinizing a cleanup plan by Portland General Electric that proposes to cover — rather than dredge and remove — two PCB-laden sites in the Willamette River bottom next to the Hawthorne Bridge and Tilikum Crossing.

Presentations for June 11 CAG meeting

On the agenda for June 11 will be:

River geology: Kim Anderson, Geologist, OSU

Stormwater and Source control discussion:

City of Portland outfall project and Municipal Stormwater Report. Linda Scheffler, City of Portland - See presentation attached here(note, file is compressed from original PowerPoint, so some features may be lost).

Source control overview and source control summary report.
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Alex Liverman - See presentation at this link (note the file size is 20MB.)

Portland Tribune: EPA cleanup delay leaves 'cloud' over harbor

As reported by Steve Law in the Portland Tribune:

“You want it to move forward, but you want it to be done right,” Robison says.

KOIN 6: Fears of Willamette waste response coming to boil

Report from KOIN 6 TV:

Portland Business Journal: Know your river: A float through Portland's toxic 10-mile stretch (Photos)

Posted at:

by Cathy Cheney, Staff Photographer, Portland Business Journal

In working on a story about the Portland Harbor Superfund, I was fortunate to hitch a ride down the river with one of the city's foremost river experts.

Travis Williams, who's head of the Willamette Riverkeeper group, has been following the Superfund issue for more than 14 years.

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