CAG Presentations

Below is a list of prior CAG presentation titles.  Attachments of these presentations are located by clicking on the title or also at the bottom of the page in reverse chronological order.  If you would like to know more about the presentation and what questions were asked to the speakers, links are provided to the corresponding minutes, where available.




July 2011:

  Part 1:  Confined Disposal Facilities for Contaminated Sediments, by Sean Sheldrake (EPA)

  Part 2:  Terminal 4 Removal Action Update, by Kelly Madalinski (Port of Portland)

une 2011:

  Part 1:  Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminals Interim Action Update, by Mike Romero (DEQ) &

  Part 2: Upland and Source Control Update/CAG Talking Points, by Jim Anderson (DEQ) (Minutes)

May 2011: 

  Revised Human Health Risk Assessment Update, by Laura Kennedy (LWG) (Minutes)

April 2011: 

   Part 1: Former Mar-Com Site- South Parcel, by Michael Romero (DEQ) &

   Part 2: Sediment Removal Technology & Disposal Site Evaluation and Selection Process, by Jim 

   McKenna and Barbara Smith (Minutes)

March 2011:

  How Chemical Cleanup Levels Are Established, by LWG

February 2011: 

January 2011:




July 2010: 

  Feasibility Study Sediment Capping and Treatment Concepts, by Jim McKenna and Carl Stivers 


June 2010: 

  Preparation for CAG Review of the Portland Harbor Superfund Site Feasibility Study, by LWG

May 2010: 

  Dredging, Army Corps of Engineers (locate)

March 2010: 

  The Portland Feasiblity Study and Cleanup Options, by Dr. Peter deFur (Environmental

  Stewardship Concepts)

February 2010: 

  Feasibility Study Review and Process, Bob Wyatt and Jim McKenna (LWG)

January 2010: 

  Part 1: The State's Role in Cleaning Up The Willamette River, Upland Sites & Source Control, by

  Jim Anderson (DEQ)

  Part 2: Stormwater Source Control Measures, by Matt McClincy (DEQ)




December 2009: 

  NRDA (locate)

November 2009: 

  Draft Remedial Investigation Report, by Bob Wyatt and Jim McKenna (LWG)

September 2009: 

  Industrial Stormwater Permit Enforcement, by Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC)

August 2009: 

  Source Identification and Control in Stormwater Conveyance Systems, by Dawn Sanders (City of


May 2009:

  Part1: Update: Natural Resource Trustees, by NOAA

  Part 2: Potential Wildlife Habitat Restoration Sites, by Jennifer Thompson (USFWS)

April 2009: 

  Ecological Risk Assessment at the Portland Harbor Superfund Site, by LWG

February 2009: 

  Risk Assessment and the Portland Harbor Superfund Site, by LWG

January 2009: 

  Portland Harbor Source Control, by Jim Anderson (DEQ)




November 2008: 

  The History of the Willamette River, by historian Chet Orloff (Part 1) (Part 2)

May 2008:

  Portland Harbor Source Control, By Jim Anderson (DEQ)




September 2003:

  Lower Willamette Group, Portland Harbor Superfund Site, by Bob Wyatt (Part 1) (Part 2)

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