List of Potential Polluters

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Im August 2011, EPA released its official list of entities potentially responsible for the contamination of the Portland Harbor.   Under CERCLA, these polluters are called Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs).  This list contains most of the original parties named in the beginning of the Superfund process in 2001.  EPA can add other PRPs to the list after using its information gathering authority to determine the origin of the contamination (see below for a full list of entities receiving an information request from EPA).  Some of the listed PRPs are highlighted and links are provided to more detailed profiles if they are considered a "hot spot" or otherwise will play a large role in the remediation process.  This detailed list is provided to give you an idea of the full magnitude of the Portland Harbor cleanup process and the extensive reach of CERCLA to remediate hazardous sites.  Some of these PRPs are also subject to DEQ oversight of upland/source control measures.


The Lower Willamette Group is a group of 14 PRPs who entered into an adminstrative consent order with EPA to lead the cleanup investigation.  LWG includes: Arkema Inc., Bayer CropScience, Inc., BNSF Railway Co., Chevron USA, Inc., City of Portland, ConocoPhillips Co., Gunderson LLC, Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals, NW Natural, Evraz Oregon Steel, Port of Portland, Siltronic Corp., TOC Holdings Co, and Union Pacific Railroad Co.


The other PRPs, if ultimately found to be responsible for contaminating the river will likely owe money to the PRPs who are leading the cleanup.  Apportioning shares to each responsible party occurs in the Allocation Process.  Often PRPs will settle with EPA early to avoid paying more over the long-run.


PRP Notification of Liability Letter Recipients (click here to download EPAs official list with more information about each entity)


ACF Industries, Inc. / ACF Industries, LLC

Acme Trading & Supply

Air Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC

Alder Creek Lumber Company, Inc.

Anderson Brothers, Inc./Specialty Truck Parts

Arkema Inc.,(FKA Atofina Chemicals, Inc., Elf Atochem North America, Inc, Atochem North America,Inc., Pennwalt Corporation, Pennsalt Chemicals Corporation)

Ashland, Inc.

ATKN Company (Willamette Iron and Steel Company) (DBA: WISCO)

Babcock Land Company, LLC

BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair, Inc.

Basin Street Associates

Bay Valley Foods, LLC

BBD&R, Inc.(AKA Fred Devine Diving and Salvage)

Beazer East, Inc.

BP West Coast Products LLC (FKA Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO)

Brand-S Corporation (Portland Lumber Mills)

Brix Maritime Co., d/b/a Foss Maritime Co.

Peter Brix (Twin City Barge, Inc., The Siegfried Company, Knappton Corporation, Knappton Towboat Company, Brix Rafting & Sorting Company, Sun Dial Booming Company, Brix Maritime Towing, Inc., Lafferty Transportation Company, Brix Investment Company, Marine Ways Corporation, and Marine Equipment Leasing Company)

Burgard 789 LLC

Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company

Calbag Metals Co.

CanAm Minerals, Inc. d.b.a Kleen Blast

Cargill, Inc.


104(e) (EPA Information Gathering Authority) Recipient List




12005 Burgard Equities LLC
528 Investors LLC




Abex Corp (American Brake Shoe Co)
ACF Industries, Inc. / ACF Industries, LLC
Advanced American Construction Properties LLC
A.G.G. Enterprises, Inc.
Air Liquide America Corporation
Albers Mill Building Partnership
Alder Creek Lumber Company, Inc.
Alcatel Submarine Networks, Inc.
Aleris International
American Seafoods Company
American Ship Dismantlers
American Tokyo Kasei, Inc.
Anchor Park LLC
Anderson Brothers Property
Anderson Portland Properties LLC
ANRFS Holdings, Inc.
Arkema Inc. (Formerly Atofina Chemicals, Inc.)
Armstrong Disposal Company
Ash Grove Cement Co.
Ashland, Inc.
ATC Leasing Co. LLC
ATKN Company
Automotive Electric Distributors Inc.
Automatic Vending




B D C Properties LLC
Babcock Land Company, LLC
BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair, Inc.
Barton, Richard M. (c/o Metro Presort, Inc.)
Basin Street Assoc
Bay Valley Foods
BBD&R, Inc. (Fred Devine Diving and Salvage)
Beazer East, Inc./Beazer Materials & Services, Inc.
Bell Oil Terminal Co.
Berry Transport, Inc.
Bird Incorporated
Borden Chemical, Inc.
Borden Packaging and Industial Products
Boydstun Metal Works, inc.
BP West Coast Products LLC (aka: Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO)
Brand-S Corporation
Brenntag Pacific
Brazil & Co. (a.k.a. Brazil Electric)
Brazil Motor & Controls, Inc.
Brix Dearmond, LLC
Brix Maritime Co. (DBA: Foss Maritime Co.)
Burgard 789
Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company




C&T Quincy Foods
Calbag Metals Company
CanAm Minerals, Inc.
Cargrill Inc.
Carson Oil Co. Inc.
Cascade Brake Products
Cascade General, Inc.
Cenex Ag Inc.
CENVEO Corporation
Certain Teed Corporation
Chapel Steel
Chase Bag
Chevron U.S.A., Inc.
Chipman Chemical Co.
Christenson Oil (aka: Haj, Inc.)
City of Portland
CHS, Inc.
Columbia Forge and Machine Works
Columbia Grain, Inc.
Columbia River Sand & Gravel
ConocoPhillips Co.
consolidated Metco Inc.
Container Recovery, Inc.
Container Management Services, LLC
Cornerstone Property Investments LLC
Crosby & Overton
Crawford Street Corporation
Crowly Marine Services, Inc.
Crown Beverage Packaging Inc




D.S.U.-Peterbilt & GMC, Inc.
Dasic International Corp.
DIL Trust
Douglas Oil Co. of California
Dulien Steel
Dura Industries




East Side Plating, Inc.
Eastman Chemical Company
EC Company (Marine Electric Co.)
Edward Hostmann, Inc.
Elkem Metals
Equilon Enterprises, LLC
ESCO Corporation
Estey, John R.
Evergreen Chemical and Soap Company
Evraz Oregon Steel Mills, Inc.
ExxonMobil Oil Corporation




Fletcher Construction Company North America
Flint Ink Corp.
FMC Corp
Fort James Corp.
Fort James NW LLC
Foster Poultry Farms
Frank Fink Company
Freightliner Corporation
Front Avenue Corporation
Front Avenue III Limited Partnership
Front Avenue Limited Partnership
Front Avenue MP, LLC




G A C Acquisition Corp
Galvanizers Company
GATX Tank Storage Terminals Corporation
GATX Terminals Corporation
General Electric Co.
General Services Administration-
General Construction Company (subsidiary of: Peter Kiewit Sons, Inc.)
Georgia-Pacific West, Inc.
G.I. Trucking Company a Corporation Of California
Glacier Northwest, Inc.
Greenway Properties LLC
Goldendale Aluminum Co.
Golden Northwest Aluminum Holding Co.
Gould Electronics, Inc. (fka: GA-TEK, Inc.)
Great Western Chemical Co. (aka: GWC Front LLC)
Grundfos Pumps Corporation
GS Roofing----
Guilds Lake Properties LLC
Gunderson Brothers Engineering Corporation
Gunderson, Inc.



HAL North America, Inc. (Pacific Northern Oil Co.)
Harsch Investment Properties LLC
Hendren Tow-Boat Co., Inc.
Henry P Oseran & Associates
Hercules Inc.
Herman, Stan
Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc.
Hill Investment Co.
Howard S. Wright Construction Co.


Ifco Systems Inc.
Industrial Battery Company, Inc.
Industry 30 LLC
International Raw Materials LTD
Island Holdings Inc.


Jefferson Smurfit Corporation
John Day Logging Company
Jones Stevedoring
Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, Inc.
JR Simplot Company



K F Jacobsen & Co
Kinder Morgan
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals LLC
Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals, Inc.
King-Ries LLC
Kingsley Lumber Co.
KLIX Corp.
Koppers Company, Inc.
Koppers Inc.
KSC Recovery Inc.


L&S Marine
Lakea Corporation (ABN: Columbia American Plating)
Lakeside Industries
Lampros Properties LLC / Camrose Pipe Corporation
Langley - St. Johns Partnership
Linde Gas LLC
Linnton Plywood Association
Lockheed Martin Corp.
Lone Star NW
Longview City Laundry & Cleaners Inc.
Lynden Farms




M&F Worldwide
Macro Manufacturing
Madden Family LLC
Mar Com Holding, LLC
Mar Com Marine
Mar Com, Inc.

Marine Finance Corporation
Marine Propulsion Services Inc.
Marine Salvage Consortium, Inc.
Maritime Administration
Martin Marietta Materials Inc.-
McCall Oil and Chemical Corporation (and affiliated)
McCall Oil Real Estate Co. LLC
McCloskey Corp (Oregon)
McCown de Leeuw & Co (aka: BMC Northwest Holdings inc.)
McEachern Corp.
McMorgan Institutional Real Estate Fund I LLC
McWhorter, Inc.
Medite Corporation (fka Medford Corporation)
Mept Rivergate LLC
Metco Inc.
Metra Steel
"Metro Regional Government"
MFI Inc (MetroFueling Inc)
Morse Bros., Inc.
Mt. Hood Chemical Corp.
Multnomah Land and Equipment
Myers Container LLC




Niblick, Inc.
Nichols Marine Ways
Nikko Materials USA, Inc.
NL Industries, Inc.
NMT Diesel, Inc.
North Basin Watumull LLC
North Pacific Group, Inc. (dba North Pacific Lumber)
Northern Pacific Railway Co.
Northwest Container Services
Northwest Industrial and Foundry Supply Co.
Northwest Marine, Inc.
Northwest Marine Iron Works
Northwest Natural Gas Company (a.k.a. NW Natural/Gasco)
Northwest Oil
Northwest Pipe Company
NRC Environmental Services
Nudelman & Sons, Inc.




Olympic Pipe Line Company
Oregon Power Lending Institution Inc.
Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust
Oregon Terminal Co.
Oregon Washington Railroad
Oregon Woodworking Limited
Owens Corning (Corp.)




Pacific Terminal Services, Inc.
PacifiCorp (Pacific Power)
Paco Pumps (f/k/a Pacific Pumping Company)
Paramount of Oregon LLC
PCC Flow Technologies LP
Peanut Butter Properties LLC
Petrina Properties V LLC
PetroCard Systems Inc.
Phillips Oil Co.
Pope & Talbot, Inc.
Port of Portland
Portland Bulk Terminals, LLC
Portland Container Repair Corp.
Portland General Electric Company
Portland Shipyard LLC
Portland Terminal Railroad Co.
Premier Edible Oils
Pride of Oregon Holdings Inc (Pacific Pride Services Inc)




Quadra Chemicals Inc.




R. E. McElroy LLC
R K Storage and Warehousing, Inc.
Riedel (Zidell - Triangle Park)
Riedel Environmental Technologies
Riverside Industrial Lumber
Ro-Mar Realty of Oregon, Inc.
RoMar Transportation Systems
Rose City Moving & Storage
Rudie Wilhelm Warehouse Co.




S N Properties Partnership (aka N. Warehousing, Inc.)
Sakrete of Pacific Northwest Inc.
Samuelson Properties LP
Sause Bros., Inc.
Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc (Metra Steel)
Schnitzer Investment Corp.
Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.

Shaver Transportation Company
Shell Oil Co.
Shipyard Commerce Center LLC
Shore Terminals LLC
SIC Processing USA Management Corp.
Siltronic Corporation
Simpson Lumber Company
Smith Environmental Technologies
Southern Pacific Pipelines PA
SPC Properties LLC
Special Asphalt Products
Specialty Truck Parts, Inc.
Standard Oil Co.
Standard Steel Property LLC
StarLink Logistics, Inc. (fka: Bayer Cropscience Limited Partnership/ Rhone Poulenc)
State of Oregon (ODOT)
State of Oregon (ODSL)--
Steel Hammer Properties, LLC
Steelmill Warehouse, Inc.
Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc.
Summit Properties Inc.
Sutter, David (owner property of KLIX)
Swan Island Watamull LLC
Swift Transportation




Taiwan Navigation Co., Ltd.
Tanker Basin LLC
Tenex Management Limited
The Marine Group, LLC
The Marine Salvage Consortium, Inc.
Texaco Inc.
Tice Properties
Tidewater Oil Co.
Time Oil Co.
Tosco Corporation
Toyota Logistics Services, Inc.
Toyota Motor Sales USA
Transloader International Co LLC
Tri-County Metropolitan (Tri-Met)
Tube Forgings of America, Inc.




U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
U. S. Navy
Union Carbide Corporation
Union Pacific Corp
Union Pacific Railroad Company
United States (BPA)
United States Coast Guard
Univar (Van Waters & Rogers)
Unocal Corporation




V&K Service, Inc.
Valero LP (aka Shore Terminals LLC)
Valspar Corp., The
VWR International, Inc.




Watamull Properties Corp.
West Coast Adhesives Co.
Western Homes Incorporated
Western Pacific Piledriving
Westinghouse Electric
Wilhelm Trucking Co. (dba Wilhelm Trucking Acquisition)
Willamette-Western Corporation
Willamette Hi Grade Concrete (Riedel)
Wirfs, Don
Work Zone LLC




Young Mechanical Services, Inc.
YRC, Inc.
Z Exploration Inc.
Zehrung Corp.
Zidell Marine Corporation
Zidell, Emery N.
ZRZ Realty Co.