Confined Disposal Facility

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One of the potential short-term removal/early actions and long-term remedial technologies considered as an alternative in the Feasibility Study is construction of a Confined Disposal Facility (CDF).  Early action CDFs are proposed at Terminal 4 and Arkema.  (If approved as early actions, they would likely remain as part of the final remedy).  To read notes from a presentation about the proposed CDF, see the attachment at the bottom of the screen (CAG Draft Arkema Q and A notes Feb 2008.doc).  The document includes questions asked to the presenter by CAG members.


Construction of a CDF occurs in three stages: 1) construction of a berm to isolate sediments in a repository; 2) hydraulically dredging or offloading contaminated sediment from barges across the berm; and 3) covering the repository with non-contaminated fill material.


For a graphic representation by the Port of Portland of the construction of the CDF proposed for Terminal 4, click here.


Terminal 4 Removal Action


On Apr. 22, 2010, Port of Portland submitted its Final Terminal 4 Phase II Design Status Report to EPA for review.


For more information on the T4 Phase II removal action and CDF design and performance standards, click here.


Arkema Removal Action


On May 11, 2010, Arkema sumbitted its Preliminary CDF Screening Evaluation to EPA for review.    

   In accordance with the AOC, an engineering evaluation/cost analysis (EE/CA) will be
prepared to present feasible disposal options for contaminated sediment within the
removal action area. The purpose of this CDF screening evaluation is to respond to the
USEPA’s request (USEPA 2008d) for further analysis, in advance of the EE/CA,
regarding the feasibility of a confined disposal facility (CDF) to contain contaminated
sediments adjacent to the Site. The CDF screening evaluation is intended to be
thorough enough to determine whether the CDF is feasible under the EE/CA process,
as well as under the harborwide remedial investigation/feasibility study process. This
screening evaluation does not replace the need for a full and/or final evaluation of the
CDF option in the EE/CA.


For more information on the Arkema early action and CDF proposal, click here.


CDF as Alternative in Feasibility Study