Innovative Technologies

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A hot topic among CAG members is the extent to which EPA and PRPs must consider the use of innovative technologies when selecting a long term cleanup strategy.

Under CERCLA and EPA guidance, the agency must consider the use of innovative technologies.  National Contingency Plan (NCP), 300.430 (a)(iii)(E).  The section states that EPA generally shall consider the following expectations in developing appropriate remedial alternatives...(E) EPA expects to consider using innovative technology when such technology offers the potential for comparable or superior treatment performance or implementability, fewer or lesser adverse impacts than other available approaches, or lower costs for similar levels of performance than demonstrated technologies.

A guidance document from 1989 interpreting this regulation can be found by clicking here.

Asccording to the EPA, the sooner the agency receives input on innovative technologies, the better chance they have to implement it in the cleanup.

Many CAG members have diligently researched the use of innovative technologies and have discovered many interesting things.  Did you know that mushrooms can be used to clean oil and that sunflowers can remove lead from soil?!  Feel free to leave any ideas, comments, or links about innovative technologies.  Below are some links provided by other CAG members.