Alternative Technology Screening

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LWG and EPA screened various alternative technologies to be included in or excluded from the Feasibility Study based on effectiveness and implementability-- two factors used when selecting a long term clean up remedy.  Table 2 (download) summarizes what alternative technologies will be included or excluded.  Table 3 (download) provides rationale for including and excluding various technologies based on effectiveness and implementability.


The following remedial technologies will be retained for consideration in the Feasibility Study for all Areas of Potential Concern (AOPCs).  Those with an asterisk (*) will be retained for consideration in certain AOPCs but not all:


Institutional Controls:  Government Controls (commercial fishing bans), Proprietary Controls (easements, covenants, etc.), Enforcement and Permit Tools (administrative orders and consent decrees), Informational Devices (fish consumption advisories)


Monitored Natural Recovery:  Desorption, dispersion, diffusion, dilution, volatilation, resuspension, and transport


Enhanced Monitored Recovery: Enhance Burial/Dilution (thin layer cap)


Containment In Place: Conventional Sand Cap, Conventional Sand/Clay Cap, Armored Cap, Composite Cap, Reactive Cap


Removal: Dreging (mechanical, dry excavation, hydraulic, small scale dredge equipment)


Confinement: With the exception of an Onsite Upland Landfill, these treatment methods are being considered in the FS, including Commercial landfill, CAD, and CDF


Ex-situ Methods: Dewatering (in-barge, lagoon, geotextile, mechanical, reagent), particle separation, cement solidification/stabilization*, sorbent clay solidification/stabilization*, land treatment*, composting, solvent extraction*, sediment washing*, incineration*, high temperature thermal desorption, low temperature thermal desorption


The following technologies have been "screened out" and will not be considered in the Feasibility Study due to lack of effectiveness of implementability:


In-situ treatment: With the exception of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC), these treatement technologies are not being considered for AOPCs-- Slurry bioremediation, phytoremediation, aerobic biodegradation, anaerobic biodegradation, imbiber beads


Ex-situ Methods: asphalt emulsion, solar detoxification, biopiles, fungal biodegradation, slurry phase treatment, enhanced biodegradation, acid extraction, chemical oxidation/reduction, dehalgenation, slurry oxidation, radiolytic dechlorination, pyrolysis, high pressure oxidation, vitrification