Oregon Department of State Lands Rulemaking Notice

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DSLs proposed rulemaking will create regulations regarding the sale, lease, or use of state land for the purposes of remediation and restoration.  The rules will address issues such as how to value the land and what prices are appropriate for sale, lease, or use.  Submerged land below the mean high water mark is held in trust for the people by the state under the Public Trust Doctrine.  Therefore, the rulemaking must protect public trust uses such as fishing, navigation, recreation, and commerce.  The rules adopted must also ensure that the state receives adequate compensation for the use or disposal of state lands.  At least 45 sites in 10 counties throughout Oregon, including the Portland Harbor Superfund site, are likely to be impacted by the rulemaking.

Original list of those invited to participate*:

  • Port of Portland and other ports
  • Associated Oregon Industries
  • Lower Willamette Group
  • Tribes
  • Neighborhood representatives (city of Portland)
  • City of Portland and other cities
  • Environmental organizations
  • Recreational organizations (boating and fishing)
  • Beneficiaries of the Common School Fund
  • Oregon counties
  • Environmental justice communities


* Note: Not all of these may be interested in participating, and others may be added.


For a full list of the 45 sites likely to be impacted by the rulemaking, click here.

For a more in-depth description of the rulemaking, click here.