No Whining

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In the category of why do the representatives from Schnitzer Steel have to complain about giving 1% of the cost of riverside development to restoring the Willamette River? ( See City of Portland Planning Commission notes from December 9, 2008 and January 13, 2009.) Although what should be expected from the company who uses open clam shell dredging and has yet to step up to the plate in joining the Superfund Process of which they are a PRP (potential responsible party.) Then, was that a threat to not build their riverside construction or were they building it just to create more jobs in the community?
Maybe we should all be patient now that Barack Obama has selected his new Dept. of Interior Chief, Ken Salazar from Colorado whose reputation precedes him. President Obama is thinking about appointing Robert Kennedy Jr. to be head of the EPA part of the Riverkeeper association. In the end, the CERCLA laws are established and those PRPs who are then designated as a Responsible Party correspondents and do not cooperate with the Superfund Process then end up paying much more than if they had done the right thing for the community in the first place. Good Luck to you.