DEQ targets one of Portland harbor's dirtiest spots

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Click here for DEQ's Request for Comments regarding the construction of the containment system can be found.
Other documents regarding the Arkema site can be found at the EPA Arkema page.
An article from The Oregonian regarding the Arkema site clean up.

"Under the proposal from Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality, Arkema would block the water, pump it aboveground and treat it to remove contaminants, then release it back to the Willamette under a separate wastewater permit.
The wall would be made of a grout mixture that includes bentonite clay, much like a clay landfill lining designed to keep toxics out of groundwater.
Travis Williams, Willamette Riverkeeper's executive director, said the proposal is a good first step.
"It's not going to be perfect for the long haul," Williams said. "But to be able to separate that stuff from the river is pretty darn important right now."
Plumes of DDT and other toxics are still running into the Willamette from the site. And long-delayed work cleaning up contaminated mud in the river can't begin until the groundwater pollution is contained -- the dirty water would re-contaminate cleaned up sediments."
Matt McClincy from Oregon DEQ will provide a brief overview of the Arkema source control action at the CAG meeting Wednesday, March 11.