Portland Harbor! How clean is clean enough?

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As the Portland Harbor cleanup process moves forward, and the LWG and EPA wrestle through the RI/FS we must discuss what level of clean we want for our Harbor.
Do we wish to see more McCormick & Baxter type of sites, or do we step up and look for alternative treatment technologies to give a cleaner river?
And HEY, what about that upland source control?

Can we really scrub the dirt clean?

Isn't it amazing that we can have dirty water and clean dirt?
Actually we should be able to have both, but it will take work, cooperation and creative thinking.
When we get ready to really begin the process of cleaning up the Portland Harbor, will your voice have been heard?
Will each of us take ownership of the decisions that are made or will we just say "oh well"?
Do we read what our local media feeds us or do you go about trying to find out the truth?
We all have a chance to have a voice.
To be heard, but so many remain silent, uninformed or unwilling to participate.
So now that the sampling has been done and the rough draft RI is out what do we do?
Attend the next PHCAG meeting and let your opinion be known.