The Willamette River Advocacy Group is accepting proposals for the Technical Advisor position to work with community partners affected by the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup. This position is instrumental in helping the community to be better informed and active in the decision-making process, and to become effective stewards of the ongoing cleanup of the lower 11 miles of the Willamette River.

Qualified candidates will be technically qualified in the areas of epidemiology, toxicology, biology, health and risk assessment. Demonstrated knowledge of CERCLA and other relevant statutes, as well as a demonstrated knowledge of hazardous or toxic waste issues are critical for this position. Experience with bioremediation is a plus.

We are hoping to find applicants with the indicated background in the next couple of months. Please pass this onto anyone else you know who may be interested in applying.


Duties include:

  • Reviewing technical documents generated during baseline sampling, remedial design (RD), and remedial action (RA). These documents may include work plans, sampling plans, quality assurance/quality control plans, risk assessment, health assessments, record of decision, pre-final and final engineering designs, and other technical documents pertaining to the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup.
  • Preparation of summary memos and reports of technical documents and information for public distribution.
  • Preparing and presenting summaries of technical information to community members at in-person or online events, as appropriate.
  • Review of written comments or feedback prepared by the WRAG and stakeholder groups to be submitted to EPA during public comment periods or feedback opportunities.
  • Assist in generating outreach materials through proofreading and fact checking.

The Willamette River Advocacy Group will use a phased approach in contracting for this work. Contract No. 1 involves work related to the Remedial Design. This is a grant funded contracted position of limited duration, which could extend up to three years. The Solicitation for the position and how to apply can be found at Applications will be accepted until October 31, 2019 or until a viable candidate is identified. For questions, please email WRAG at

The full position description can be found here: https://wragpdx. advisor-full-position- solicitation/

Willamette River Advocacy Group, St Johns, Portland, OR