From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

We are pleased to announce the release of the Draft Portland Harbor Superfund Site EPA Community Involvement Plan (Draft CIP) for public feedback. To provide feedback, please read the three points below:

  1. Share your feedback: If you would like to provide feedback on the Draft CIP, please click here to provide your comments using the online platform Konveio. See the section below titled How to Provide Feedback Using Konveio for instructions on how to comment using this platform. 
  2. Read a hard copy of the Draft CIP: If you would like to view a hard copy of the Draft CIP before providing your feedback in Konveio, hard copies of the Draft CIP will be available at four local Portland libraries starting next Wednesday, March 18th: Multnomah County Central, Northwest, Kenton, and St. Johns. See the section below titled Read the Draft Community Involvement Plan (CIP) at Local Libraries for details about how to view the copies at your local library.
  3. Questions? Need Assistance? If providing feedback in Konveio using the instructions below is not working for you, we still want to hear from you! Please email or contact Kizz Prusia with Triangle Associates (contractor to EPA) at 206-962-3707 or to ask about other options for providing your feedback.

How to Provide Feedback Using Konveio

Below are detailed instructions for how to provide feedback on the Draft CIP using the Konveio website.

  1. If you have two minutes, check out this helpful instructional video on how to use Konveio!
  2. Click here to view the Draft CIP in Konveio.
  3. Providing Feedback: Once you have the document open in a web browser, you can click anywhere on the document to insert a comment. Once you click on the document, a comment window will appear with the following information for you to complete: 
  • Your name
  • Email address
  • “Add Comment”: Type your comment and/or suggestions directly into the box. 
  • “Comment Type”: Select your comment type (i.e., suggestion, question, or answer).
  • Check the box for reading the terms and conditions.
  • Check the box to determine you are not a robot. Note: You will only need to submit a response to “I am not a robot” the first time you comment.
  • Click “Add Comment”
  • Please note that you can’t move or delete comments and once you post a comment you will not be able to edit it.
  1. View and reply to comments: All comments appear as small comment bubble icons throughout the document. Select any comment bubble to expand and read others’ comments. You will find options to “Like” or “Dislike” any comments using thumbs up and thumbs down icons. Select “reply” to provide a response to another person’s comment.
  2. Tips for Using Konveio

·        To move a comment before submitting: the location of your comment will appear as a small blue comment bubble on the CIP text with a plus sign inside. If you move your mouse over the text, you will notice a small gray comment bubble moving with itSimply click on the new location you wish your comment to appear, and the comment you are currently editing will re-attach to the new location.

·        To minimize your comment box to see the text behind it while editing, click the à arrow at the top left-hand corner of the comment box. A small blue box with an ß arrow will appear on the top right-hand corner of the document window. Select this arrow to re-open and continue editing your comment.

·        To make the text larger: use the “expand” and magnifying glass icons at the top left toolbar above the document to expand to full screen or zoom in and out.

·        Print a PDF to read, make comments online: If it is easier to read a paper copy, a PDF version can be downloaded from Konveio using the “Download” button directly above the document window.

Read the Draft Community Involvement Plan (CIP) at Local Libraries (available starting Wednesday, March 18th)

Speak with library staff at any of the four library locations below, and request to view the “Portland Harbor Superfund Site Draft EPA Community Involvement Plan.”

  1. Multnomah County Central Library, 801 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205
  2. Multnomah County Library – Northwest, 2300 NW Thurman St, Portland, OR 97210
  3. Multnomah County Library – St. Johns, 7510 N Charleston Avenue, Portland OR 97203
  4. Multnomah County Library – Kenton, 8226 N Denver Avenue, Portland OR 97217