from Portland Harbor Community Coalition:

On March 2nd, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) started a 60-day public comment period for Willamette Cove. DEQ has proposed a remedy for this toxic site that includes removing some of the worst toxins off-site to a designated hazardous waste facility; capping a lot of the land with 2 feet of clean soil; and collecting some toxins on the site in a structure that would remain at Willamette Cove.

Metro Regional Government, the owner of the site, plans to build a trail along the back of Willamette Cove with viewpoints of the river, but to not allow direct access to the river. 

How do you feel about this plan? We are waiting to hear back from Metro Councilors to schedule a time for them to hear from concerned community members about the future of this large public property. 

For the fact sheet and executive summary in English and other languages and to submit your comment immediately, click HERE. PHCC is still reviewing the very long DEQ Staff Report, working with advisors to generate talking points to share with coalition members soon, so please stay tuned. Workshops may need to move online or by phone, or the public comment period extended if Coronavirus continues to spread in our communities.