From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Please share with your networks!

Hello and welcome to Wednesday! Thank you for staying engaged with the Portland Harbor Superfund Site during this difficult time. Below please find information about next week’s Public Forum and one other update!

*RSVP Now!* December 16th Virtual EPA Portland Harbor Quarterly Public Forum (with support from DEQ and the CAG): This is the last Public Forum before we transition to the Collaborative model in Spring 2021! Please read below for information about how to submit an RSVP for this event (required) and initial materials, including a final agenda!

Date: Next Wednesday, December 16th

Time: Starts at 5:45pm Pacific

Location: Online only.

RSVP: To automatically receive webinar connection information, please submit an RSVP as soon as possible at

Note: An RSVP is required to attend the 12/16 Public Forum. You will automatically receive an e-mail with webinar connection information from Triangle Associates.

Materials: A final agenda is available for the 12/16 Public Forum as well as an updated December 2020 Portland Harbor Superfund Site Updates Fact Sheet. Additional materials will be sent out to everyone who has submitted an RSVP.

Problems Joining the Webinar? If you aren’t able to enter the webinar room on December 16th, please contact Benjamin Leake (, 503-326-2859) for another way to connect.

Submit Questions in Advance! To help us tailor our presentation content and prepare the best possible Public Forum, please consider submitting questions in advance at our SurveyMonkey link ( for the December 16th meeting after you review the agenda.

Note: We will answer questions submitted “live” during the meeting first and then reference these submitted questions as time allows.

Limited Internet Access? If you or someone you know has limited Internet access (making attendance during this virtual event difficult) please contact Laura Knudsen as soon as possible to discuss additional options for how to participate.